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 FFXIV In-Game Configuration

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Khalus Akuhei
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PostSubject: FFXIV In-Game Configuration   Sat Sep 04, 2010 11:40 am

Here is the main In-Game Configuration Menu with several sliders to set additional features as "on or off" plus several menus with even more options. {explained below} Some of this initial text for the sliders I copied from a post on FFXIVCore.

Character Shadows:
This completely turns shadows on or off around all player characters and NPC's. The settings for the level of detail of shadows is found in your external configuration menu.

Dust Effects:
Turns on and off dust 'poofing' up around your feet while running as well as other weather effects such as the high winds with leaves blowing past.

Extended Drawing:
This setting turns on and off the maximum distance that is allowed for objects and landscape to be rendered. Turning this off will greatly increases your FPS.

This setting turns on and off character physics. If turned off, your characters hair and clothing will no longer move when you turn or blow in the wind. This also turns off the neat 'lean' effect while running and turning. This setting should be turned off if you have a weaker CPU and are getting low FPS because of a CPU bottleneck.

Profanity Filter:
This will of course turn on or off seeing profane text and comments in your chat box.

Name Display:
Turns on and off all names, be it Character, NPC, and even Enemies.

Damage Display:
I'm assuming this turns on or off the display of damage seen on screen above your character, others players, NPCs and enemies. {numerical}

Auto Target Lock:
Turns the Auto Target Lock of Enemies and NPCs on or off.

Options to set the volume level of sounds. Background Music is obvious, System Sounds are what you'll hear while navigating the UI and Menus and Sound Effects are like the slashing of weapons and magical effects. As of this time there is no option that turns down the wind and rain sound effects, which can be heard as extremely loud through Ventrilo.

Option for how your camera controls. The 1st and 3rd person have both normal and inverted settings. The 3rd person camera distance allows you to set how close or far back you can scroll the camera from your character.


{up = up, down = down, left = left, right = right}

{up = down, down = up, left = right, right = left}

Chat Filters:
These options allow you to set what filters you want "hidden or visible" for each chat tab. Currently I only had the General and Battle tabs made, {you can make more} but when you click on one of them; each has their own list to set what you want to see or not in that tab.

Keyboard Settings:
{Note: These are 4 separate menus combined into one.} Allows you to rebind your keyboard controls, however unlike other games when you select a key that is already bound to another function and it would erase the other one. That doesn't happen here. You can only set new binds for keys that have not been used yet. In other words; if you want to rebind a key thats already being used, you must delete or reassign that other function before you can use that particular key.

There are of course many functions that we don't have an option for like your Inventory, Equipment, Point Allocation & Linkshells. These will be forever a "menu only" option accessed by opening your menu and selecting the appropriate tab.

The Macro menu ~ used for creating your own macros. To get started, first click on either the "Ctrl or Alt" tab to display the bank of macro slots. {100 in total, 50 for each tab} Then select one of the slots where you want this macro to be placed, and the cursor will jump down to the "Name" input box where you can label the macro. Next click the large square to the right of the name box, which will open up an icons menu with four pages to choose from.{See image below} Lastly, write out your macro in the lower field.

There will be a guide on how-to fully write out and create various macros ~ coming eventually.

Support Desk:
This feature is not a part of the in-Game Config Menu, but it is in your main menu and important enough to mention here. Anyway, should you have any questions or would like to know more about anything FFXIV related, you can find it in here.

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FFXIV In-Game Configuration
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