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 LS Currahee ~ Gamescom Interview

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LS Currahee ~ Gamescom Interview Empty
PostSubject: LS Currahee ~ Gamescom Interview   LS Currahee ~ Gamescom Interview Icon_minitimeWed Aug 25, 2010 11:05 am

Highlighted the parts I like the most. It appears that soloing will not be possible for the main story...sound good to me!

Quote :

The linkshell Currahee (with Xeno at the frontrow) scheduled an interview with the Final Fantasy XIV team at Gamescom and here's the results. I got the green light to post it on our frontpage. Note that the interview is translated from Japanese to German then to English and it's been edited quite a bit by myself.

1) What is the party functions of DoH and DoL? The only thing we know about them is the Miner increase the amount of gil earned by the party.
- They are not intended to fight
- They are responsible for repairing weapons, for instance middle of fights
- Currently the FFXIV development team is looking into ways to make the DoH and DoL's more part of quests

2) It'd be great if you shared something about the end-game that no one knows yet, if possible?
- With the Guildleve system we can pretty much do anything, difficulty-wise and also content-wise.
- You don't need to instance everything, others can't steal your enemies anyway

3) Is there a difference between Companies and Linkshells?
- Linkshells are smiliar to those in FFXI, you can have more than one and its more for friends.
- Companies are more like Guilds, like in other MMOs, property can be shared.

4) Do you think Final Fantasy XIV will be able to compete with the current (and upcoming) top MMO's?
- We don't really want to compete against World of Warcraft or for example the new Star Wars MMO.
- The target audience we have is Final Fantasy players. Most of them did not play an MMO previously and are very new to this.
Sundi: successfull MMOs got their own special theme, a far-reaching story and a unique system - thats what we got in FFXIV!

5) Can you tell us more about the Open Beta?

- Open Beta will start at the beginning of September
- Gridania & Ul'dah will be playable
- There will be a level cap
- there will be new leves, but there will be even more new ones at release

6) Random tidbits
- most of the Main Story Missions wont be possible to finish by soloing

7) What's the cause of the PS3 version delay?
- Biggest problem was the memory
- Everything needed to be changed, which caused even more things in need to be changed, that's why it's taking longer
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LS Currahee ~ Gamescom Interview
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