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 Square-Enix Interview

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PostSubject: Square-Enix Interview   Square-Enix Interview Icon_minitimeWed Jun 16, 2010 2:42 pm

Well it appears that we will still be called a Linkshell in FFXIV, however there is now a new higher level Linkshell called a Company, w/ a community website displaying our stats and probably our accomplishments...sounds nice!

More classes planned already after launch, but more than likely they're meaning part of an expansion. Also we get to own something, so maybe a housing system we can decorate with our accomplishments or say trophies from certain kills. And the retainer system that keeps our character present in game to sell items with our Bazaar while we're actually logged out...thats nice!

Quote :
Character customization is very detailed in FFXIV. There are many different clans you can choose after choosing what race you want to be and after you choose your clan, there are even more options. Once you choose your race and clan, you can customize you character's looks. You can detail hair style and color, skin tone, and eye color. You can choose to have your character's hair to have highlights, give them jewelry, scars, and many other things to make your character stand out from others in the game.

The battle system is similar to that of Final Fantasy XI, but there are several new things about it. For instance, before you can even go into the battle mode, you have to draw your weapon. Once you sheath your weapon, you will begin to regenerate health.

Once you're in battle, there are many different things you can do. For the beta test portion that I was in, I played a class that was much like a tank with a sword and a shield. There was a standard melee attack and a few others like shield bash. An improvement from the alpha test that they made is the stamina bar. It regenerate much faster so you can attack more often. There are also special attacks you can use that cost a certain number of TP. An example of one of these attacks is called Red Lotus, which is a very powerful melee attack with a little bit of fire.

The overall graphics of the game seemed very good. Movement was smooth and animations were very unique. Characters also have a list of emotes they can perform and they animations are different for every race and gender. The creators of the game really want you to have a sense of uniqueness in this game and it shows!

Final Fantasy XIV Interview with Hiromichi Tanaka, Senior Vice President and Software Development Corporate Exec. - Square Enix and Yasu Surosawa, North American Online Producer and Senior Director - Square Enix

Q. Will end game content contain more open area boss fights or will there be more focus on dungeons?

A. We do know the ending of the first story but of course we can't tell you what the ending of the story is. The story that will lead you to a secret area, but we can't reveal anything about that right now.

Q. Will classes have their own special sets of armor?

A. Yes, there will be because in FFXIV the equipment itself is going to be meaning more for the class the player is being. There will be high end equipments for that class.

Q. Is there going to be chocobo breeding and chocobo racing in this game?

A. For this Final Fantasy, chocobo have a unique place but we can't tell you anymore about them at this time. There will be more information closer to release.

Q. About how many classes do you plan on releasing in this game?

A. We will be introducing more classes even after the launch of the game, so it will be continuously increasing. It will depend on how development goes and how the users react to see how far we go. We already have tens of thousands and we should be able to implement them at any time.

Q. Will there be player-owned land?

A. We will be making announcements shortly, so look forward to that. We are trying to impliment that so players can have something that they own.

Q. Do you intend to have things like guilds and guild banks for people to share?

A. For FFXI there was Linkshells and for FFXIV we will have Linkshells as well along with something like a higher level Linkshell system called a Company. In this Company, things you do will affect things you own in the game. Also, larger Companies will be able to have something like a community website that is more personallized that will display stats. There will be more information about this Company later on in development.

Q. Is there anything unique in this game? Anything that makes it stand out?

A. There are a few points about this game: The armory system and the guild link system. In the armory system you will be able to change you class or even create your own class and even learn your own abilities, which is something unique, we believe. The Guild Link system will allow people to play on their own or in a group if they want. We think it's a really good system.

Q. What kind of measures are you taking to prevent the RMT (Real Money Trade)?

A. We will not accept any real currency in exchange for in-game currency, we will forbid it by agreements. We all contiuously work with operations teams to help prevent it.

Q. Will there any type of achievements or trophies to show off defeated bosses or special things done?

A. Yes, we do have a lot of plans. For example, for some quests there will be special rewards. You might be able to get special title depending on what you do, there will be several different things you can get to show off what you've done.

Q. Is there anything else you would like to tell the players and fans about the game?

A. We are pleased to announce the beta verson coming out soon. In this beta version, there is a new system called a Retainer, which means players will be able to leave their character or avatar so they will be able to enjoy the game while their offline and people will be able to see them.

Also from a community standpoint, comments and suggestions we've recieved from the alpha were very helpful and we want the players know that the game has evolved a lot and we will continue to look forward to comments and suggestions in the beta. We also plan to open the beta window much wider so we can have more people try the game and test it.

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PostSubject: Re: Square-Enix Interview   Square-Enix Interview Icon_minitimeWed Jun 16, 2010 2:44 pm

haha, they are announcing stuff just as fast to us as they are to you... I just found this all out yestarday lol.
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Square-Enix Interview
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