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Eldritch Eponym Info
Linkshell HQ: Central USA
Play-style: Casual~Social PvE
Languages: English
End Game: Minor Concern
Crafting: Major Enthusiasm
Voice Support: Ventrilo
Age Limit: 18+

Shell {Leader}:
Khalus Akuhei

Sackholder {Officers}:
Celas Seyrana
Corday Rynir
Nimarhie Stardancer
Soten  Enki

Final Fantasy XI:
World: Fenrir
Apply: Link

Final Fantasy XIV:
World: Gilgamesh
Apply: Link
World Times
Western United States
Central United States
Eastern United States
United Kingdom
Char Creation open on Gilgamesh!
Eldritch Eponym - Portal Icon_minitimeWed Sep 04, 2013 5:47 am by Khalus Akuhei
As of the relaunch of servers this morning, character creation is avail on Gilgamesh.  How long though is the question, as we're still waiting on all the details of the patch.  There were 3 new worlds added, one for each region, as well we're assuming new servers for each existing world to increase capacity have also been added on the backend.

If you're awake, come make a char asap, just in case they become full again!

Comments: 4
Login Issue Update
Eldritch Eponym - Portal Icon_minitimeSat Aug 31, 2013 5:12 pm by Khalus Akuhei
Hopefully things will become as good as Yoshi is saying and we'll all finally get to play together next week!

Quote :

Login Issue Update
Quote :
I know many of you are still affected by the World login and character creation restrictions, so I would like to give you all a brief update on the progress of the measures we are taking to alleviate this situation.

Current Server Status

To ensure as many players as possible can log in and create characters on existing servers, our development and operations teams are monitoring server load and population around the clock, placing and removing restrictions with even the slightest fluctuation in numbers in order to maintain near-full capacity on each World. We are still experiencing maximum concurrent connection numbers of over 230,000 users. This number, however, has taxed some of our instance servers, and is causing unexpected down time here, as well.

Scheduled Maintenance for Wednesday, September 4 (Japan Time)

The addition of new Worlds, as well as …

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Comments: 4
EE revived on the Gilgamesh World
Eldritch Eponym - Portal Icon_minitimeSun Aug 18, 2013 5:35 pm by Khalus Akuhei
Post here if you'd like to rejoin us!  Unfortunately Gilgamesh is damn near impossible to log into this weekend, even I had trouble just 20min after worlds went live.  Its possible to get on, but you gotta have a ton of patience.  If you can't get on before OB ends, then sadly you'll have to wait until Early Start or Launch to try again.

It should be possible eventually, there are a ton of "checking it out" players overloading the worlds right now and Gilgamesh is the most popular world that quite a few huge communities have called home.

Anyway, post below if you want to join us, looking forward to chatting with everyone again soon!

Newsletter wrote:

Hey everyone, been a few years!  

This has been a long time coming and I wasn't sure if I wanted to resurrect this LS or not.  Still not sure based on how FFXIV is targeted at the solo player.  There is group content using the Duty Finder and I've noticed people forming massive FATE grinding parties, supposedly very good XP too, especially against …

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