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 Richard Garriott ~ Good Game Interview

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Richard Garriott ~ Good Game Interview Empty
PostSubject: Richard Garriott ~ Good Game Interview   Richard Garriott ~ Good Game Interview Icon_minitimeWed Mar 02, 2011 6:07 am

Yowza, now that was an incredibly amazing bout of information, and Richard Garriott is forever more impressive than ever in understanding gaming. I'm quite moved by the things he had to say and I'm ever more excited to see what his new social game will be. Which he said would be similar in design to Ultima Online but for the masses of mass players on a social gaming level.

DL the entire interview here, its about 60min long and well worth every second.

Some highlights of what is discussed:
  • He goes into great detail of how and why he got started in game development
  • How the got the moniker of "Lord British"
  • His favorite Ultima Games, {4, 7 & Online}
  • The creation, beta testing, launch and sales of Ultima Online
  • What he calls the 3 phases of video gaming, {solo, MMO, and now Social Gaming} ~ Extreme Brilliant I might add!

He then talks in great detail of the evolution of Ultima Online:
  • When "Lord British" himself was killed. {I always wanted to know more about that...}
  • Pissing beta testers off by mass murdering them all...LOL
  • Stability and lag in UO and what players did to be heard
  • Funny stories of how players circumvented the rules in various parts of the world, but never actually broke the rules

And finally more about his family:
  • His father being an astronaut
  • Being disqualified from the space program while a teenager
  • His adventure into space and seeing the world
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Richard Garriott ~ Good Game Interview
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