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 Geneforge Series

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Khalus Akuhei
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PostSubject: Geneforge Series   Geneforge Series Icon_minitimeMon Jan 31, 2011 5:18 pm

Been looking for an RPG to play, something that screams of the elder days I grew up on, that doesn't tell you nothing or mark things and is brutal as all hell. I've known about this series for awhile now, and have even played one of them briefly in the past, but its been years. And luckily it popped into my head last week to revisit it. I started with the first one and defeated it within about a weeks time, easily clocking more than 30hrs. Was planning to play them through from part 01 to part 05, which isn't necessary since each story is semi-independent of the other, though the events and lore do tend to overlap a bit in each but not enough that you'll miss out too much.

I began part 05 next because it had a new UI and better resolution options, {not stuck in 800*600 for one} and I had a thought I could burn out playing each back to back and I still wanted to play their other series Avernum next. {of which I also played before years ago...} Having a good time thus far, I'm lvl 19, have played nearly 10hrs so far and have only visiting 8 of more than 80 areas, many of which I'll need to return to later when I'm stronger and have higher level skills to complete them.

Anyway, here is the linky to their official website if ya wanna give it a try ~ Spiderweb Software, and some images of said RPG. If you're looking for something rather entertaining with tons of storyline, exploration and multiple ways to complete every situation: {EX. you could defeat the entire game through diplomacy if you wanted}

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Geneforge Series
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