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 We have restarted on the World of Kashuan

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We have restarted on the World of Kashuan Empty
PostSubject: We have restarted on the World of Kashuan   We have restarted on the World of Kashuan Icon_minitimeMon Sep 27, 2010 9:22 pm

Not going to go into all the details as that is more of a private Linkshell matter, but we decided that after a few days on Mysidia that it was far too busy for our "Casual" nature of play-style. Our number one issue was that many of our members with the Collector's Edition were unable to make a character and join us, and I feared that once the 30th rolled around our Regular Edition members would have just as bad of luck in joining us.

Not too mention Mysidia is insanely popular and overrun with players making the world rather unstable and difficult to navigate for many of our members. And trying to find a monster to kill was next to impossible sometimes, its like when a yellow dot{mob} spawned on the mini-map you'd see a dozen or more white dots{players} all converging on that location. Most times we experienced having to run 300-700 yalms to find a single mob to kill and repeat.

Anyway, we have ~ at least most of our roster ~ have restarted on the Kashuan World and thus far its been total bliss. The population is about 1/3 that of Mysidia, there are hardly any laggy issues for any of us anymore, and the monsters outnumber the players in nearly every area. Also the economy is that of about 1/3 to 1/5 the prices than that of the price gouging community on Mysidia were asking; way more fair...

Lastly, sometime after the 30th, once we've confirmed that all our current member have been able to join us, its possible we'll be reopening our recruitment for a short time. So keep in touch if you'd like to join our Linkshell...
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We have restarted on the World of Kashuan
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