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 FFXIV Release Party in Yebisu Japan

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Khalus Akuhei
Furtively Altruistic
Khalus Akuhei

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FFXIV Release Party in Yebisu Japan  Empty
PostSubject: FFXIV Release Party in Yebisu Japan    FFXIV Release Party in Yebisu Japan  Icon_minitimeMon Sep 13, 2010 3:10 pm

Well its not live until Sept. 14th, but still its gonna pretty awesome...I hope!

Feed Website

Quote :
Recently we had the chance to sit down with Sage Sundi and Yasu Kurosawa to talk about what’s in store for the Final Fantasy XIV community. One of the things that was brought up during our interview was the Ebisu event that will be occurring on September 14th. According to Sundi, it was originally a closed event that would not be streamed. However it seems that things have changed and the event will be streamed live (in Japanese) via the website here.It’s also been tweeted that there will be updates via twitter during the event so those of us with no understanding of the Japanese language can follow along as we watch!

The event will start at 6:00pm JST tomorrow!

Which is 14hrs from now, or 4am CST, 5am EST and 2am PST
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Khalus Akuhei
Furtively Altruistic
Khalus Akuhei

Joined : 2008-05-21
Posts : 4384

FFXIV Release Party in Yebisu Japan  Empty
PostSubject: Re: FFXIV Release Party in Yebisu Japan    FFXIV Release Party in Yebisu Japan  Icon_minitimeTue Sep 14, 2010 11:41 am

Quote :

Update (9/14/2010) The show is over, here is the translation in full. Special thanks to phizzco for his awesome translating services.

To kick things off, the FFXIV Prerelease event kicked off with a bang, when a string quartet played an arranged rendition of the FFXIV Theme Song. Immediately afterward, Hirochimi Tanaka and Nobuo Uematsu take the stage in FFXIV gear, and the heated discussions commenced.

Tanaka and Uematsu Take the Stage

The name of the song that the orchestra arranged is 'Answers'. They commend the orchestra for doing a good job, but would prefer if Susan would come and perform it live.

Next, they bust out their shiny new copies of the FFXIV Soundtrack. It is releasing on the 29th of September, to coincide with the Japanese game release. It should also be noted that Uematsu's song is going to appear this year's Goddess Festival, which takes place in Japan. In the mean time, Tanaka will be finishing up Beta, and looking forward to the game release.

Lately, Uematsu has been going to the hospital often. The doctor says he can't eat anymore fatty foods or drink alcohol. According to his doctor, soba is good for the body, so he will be eating that in place of the oilier ramen noodles.

In FFXIV, Uematsu was asked to do the entire soundtrack to the game. It has been 10 years since SE last requested he do this. There are so many different song variations that need to be made for a game, especially an online game (as they are much longer than console games). As a result, the songs written would have to be able to be listened to for a long time without getting too old. A short, single chorus song will definitely not do the trick for FFXIV, that is for sure.

For this reason, Uematsu had a difficult time composing and arranging all the music. He is very proud of his work, and would love to do a concert with the newly composed songs of FFXIV sometime in the future.

Tanaka sends Uematsu off, and another intermission.

A Talk with the Developers

Seiji Nakamura (voice actor) comes out and joins Tanaka at the podium. Mochizuki is taking part as well. This part is a thank you to all people who have participated in Beta.

Beta testers asked for a hardware mouse the most, and they are working on implementing it as soon as possible. The time it takes to draw and put back your weapon (causes a loss of action) was the second biggest issue to Beta testers, and are currently working on improving this further.

They are also adding a payment plan where you can pay for up to 6 months up front and get a discount. On the other hand, Japanese players will only have access to a 3 month plan.

Currently, the game caps at level 50, because it fits the current design and infrastructure of the game. It doesn't have a special meaning or anything like that.

The five Development Team leaders have now arrived. They decide to kick things off by talking about the continents. Once they bust out the world map, they introduce the continents in full. They have taken time to implement a long history to the landscape and the world. Limsa Lominsa is a bustling harbor. Ul'dah is a desert land, something like Istanbul. Gridania is very Japanese, reminiscent of Nara.

All character data will be wiped when beta closes, but names will be saved. Sato-san will now discuss important things about city states. All quest NPC's that are important to the story lines in each main city-state will have voices implemented in the game very soon.

Instead of making people attached specifically to the city and designs, you can make your own character that is completely different from the premade characters and lands in the game. When you complete quests, you get some of the following:

1. Guild Tokens
2. Money
3. Gear

Right now, the game is made so it is possible to solo, but game play is still intended for groups. You will get better benefits for grouping, joining a linkshell, etc.

Okada-san (developer) has brought out some questions and comments to go over.

1. Are there any plans for group centered battle balance?

Even after the game releases, the developers will constantly be hard at work improving battle balance in FFXIV.

2. Are there any plans to increase mana regeneration?

Mana management is a very important part of the game, and magic is very powerful. That being said, they want players to think carefully when they use each spell. They do, however plan on increasing mana regeneration in the future. When it comes, it will be quickly all at once, rather than little by little.

3. Are there any plans for skill chains?

They want to make skill chains easier for groups, so it isn't too difficult to execute. The development team will be adding more skill chains later on to help take down more difficult enemies in the game.

When using skills from a sub class the strength of the ability is much weaker than if you were playing said class as a main. Using ability skill up you can use a sub classes ability at a higher effective level than normal. You can also do weapon skills with the following order: Spell > Spell > Weapon Skill.

If you use specific weapon skills on given enemies, they will take partial damage, like in monster hunter. If you use a blunt Weapon Skill on a Rhino, you may knock a horn off when slashing won't.

4. Is there going to be any PvP?

The developers created all of these ideas with PvP in mind. Currently, PvP is in FF14, but it is still in development.

5. Will the Market Economy remain the same?

Now they move onto the Market Economy discussion. The developers want people to feel like they're building the world with their crafts, especially those not into group play. This is meant so even someone who wants to play slowly can still get by and make money in FFXIV.

6. Why is the crafting system the way it is?

They begin by explaining how to play a Botanist and Blacksmith. Afterward, they proceed to show off the crafting synthesis options (Bold, Rapid, and Standard). If you are a weaver, you can use these syntheses for so many options, you will almost feel like a fashion designer.

7. How much of an impact will physical level have on craft effectiveness?

It'll have an influence on the type of items you can select when crafting, etc. It will also increase the likelihood of getting HQ items. There are going to be more hints to crafting this time, and things aren't going to be as secret as FF11 in that regard.

Negotiation is a big part of the game, and you can negotiate with people on item prices. You can see a gauge on the right, and get stuff for free depending on your negotiating performance. Some people can get rare items from NPC's and sometimes, the NPC's will request things from you in order for you to get free stuff or discounted prices. There is a limit to the shoutbox, so after a minute you may not be able to read stuff from the beginning. Overall, the system will become lighter and smoother as SE continues to optimize the game.

8. What about Guildleves?

Guildleves will become normal and familiar to people as they play through FF14. The developers are currently working on adding new types of leves as well. If you fail a guildleve, you currently cannot redo it. The levequests themselves are intended to give bonuses, and if you mess up, you will try harder next time. If they allow us to redo them, people will get sloppy.

When people have the same levequests and do them together, they'll get additional bonuses. People are still reviewing the current leves right now. Some of these will be shortened, so the travel time isn't so long, and made to be easily replayed.

Here are some of the final tidbits the developers added before they rushed off the stage:

* Anima is going to recharge faster, which will in turn make traveling easier.
* As you level up, you will get more access to new areas, and more types of enemies to encounter.
* Action leves will be added to the game at higher levels.
* More quests will be added at higher levels, as opposed to only guildleves.

The developers stormed off the stage, and left the audience with the official game intro. It's one of SE's finest videos to date, so make sure you watch it.