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 4Players Points-of-Interest-Interview

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4Players Points-of-Interest-Interview Empty
PostSubject: 4Players Points-of-Interest-Interview   4Players Points-of-Interest-Interview Icon_minitimeTue Jul 13, 2010 11:27 pm

Quote :

Question 5 notes that FFXI used large story arc made up of multiple small quests to propel gamers through the game. Description of short gameplay Guildleves made the editors fear the quests would break down into mindless hunts that do not form a coherent story. The question was if this is a concession to casual gamers.

* The answer is that even the smallest of Guildleves are part of a big competition between guilds to get the most jobs done. While this is not the major story line for FFXIV, it allows players to feel their work on Guildleves is moving along at least some story.

Question 8 asks about any technical problems that may have arisen during development.

* The answer says the team did not really have to compromise their vision because the current era of hardware allows so much. Tanaka-san notes the team would like to upgrade to Dx11 at some point.

Question 9 asks about PvP at launch.

* The answer says we'll get only PvE in the beginning but that the development team is already working on PvP for a future update.

Question 10 asks if we will see linkshell wars or a city for large-scale PvP.

* The answer says PvE is the immediate concern and that SE wants to deliver PvP without allowing harassment from PKers.

Question 11 aims to find out the exact reason why Microsoft would budge on the closed system of XBOX Live for FFXI but not on FFXIV.

* Tanaka-san laughs and says he'd love to know the exact reason. His understanding is that MS made a one-time exception for FFXI because XBL was still young and needed any boost it could get. Now MS is unwilling to open up its system to work with FFXIV. All development for a 360 is cancelled for now.
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4Players Points-of-Interest-Interview
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