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 JPGames.de Points-of-Interest-Interview

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JPGames.de Points-of-Interest-Interview Empty
PostSubject: JPGames.de Points-of-Interest-Interview   JPGames.de Points-of-Interest-Interview Icon_minitimeTue Jul 13, 2010 11:25 pm

Quote :

Question 2 asks if players will be able to select the same server at launch

* Tanaka says FFXIV allows you to choose your server at character selection. You can tell your friend to pick the same server. He notes it is always better to choose a server that is not crowded.

Question 3 inquires about using the same account on a PC and PS3.

* The reply is that players can log into the account on the PC, then log off and get on with the PS3. The data is stored on the same server with the only difference being the device used to display it. Tanaka-san also explains that you need only to pay for one account to access from both PC and PS3. [Translator note: Though Tanaka-san did not say it explicitly, you probably cannot log on to the same account from both devices at the exact same time.]

Question 4 tries to get information about other Disciples of Magic at launch.

* The response is that FFXIV will change all the way up to release and that the game will continue to grow after release via updates.

Questions 10 & 11 are about RMT and item malls (microtransactions), including ones operated by Square Enix.

* The first answer says that no outside RMT will be tolerated. The next reply indicates that there are no plans for microtransactions at this time but that Square Enix will add them if it is in high demand. Tanaka-san explains that their motivation is to keep players on level ground and not allow anyone to buy power in-game.
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JPGames.de Points-of-Interest-Interview
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