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 Dengeki Games Interview

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PostSubject: Dengeki Games Interview   Sat Jan 23, 2010 2:27 pm

Oh, loving this interview...many speculations from earlier have become much more clear, especially about the magic system and its so damn nice to know that that active/passive & linking aggro system in all its full glory of FFXI will be back with new twists. I like also that even upon char creation they're making it so players look different based on starting equip too. Oh and yeah dark dungeons that will require a light source...hell yeah!!

It would appear that Banzoku are the general name for the Beastmen races this time..me like!
Onigiri Mad Eyes

Quote :
An interview was released this week in the most recent issue of Dengeki Games. It turned out to be a nice read, so I won't waste your time padding this intro.

Q:How much of the game will players be able to experience in the beta?
A:We started at about 10% of the final product with the playable Alpha version and are ultimately trying to perfect the underlying game system. The bulk of the game won't be made public until the retail version is out.

Q:Will the servers be named after summons like in FFXI?
A:There's no doubt we'll use names familiar to any FF fan, but the scheme will be a little different than FFXI.

Q:What can you tell us about the transition from the Beta to the final version or about world transfers in general?
A:Once service starts, we want to make it so you can move along with the friends you make during the Beta to the same world. As for world transfers, that may be a possibility in the future, with some limitations probably.

Q:Does the main story concern the Eorzeans and Garleans battling over the continent of Aldenard?
A:At first, the story will open in Eorzea, that is, the continent of Aldenard and its surrounding islands. However, the Garlean Empire is based on another, larger continent.

Q:What part does the mysterious power (Echo) or the crystals play in the story?
A:They serve as the basis for the whole story. We want you to discover the truth behind this as the story unfolds during play.

Q:Will Chocobos make an appearance?
A:Of course! However, we are still exploring ways for us to use them in a unique way compared with FFXI.

Q:We've only seen airships being as army warships so far, but will there be any that adventurers can ride?
A:Of course there will be vehicles to transport adventurers around, but you'll have to wait a little longer for the details.

Q:Give us the highlights on character creation.
A:We've focused on really allowing the player the freedom to make any kind of character they would like, and designed them to be a much more natural fit with the game world. Depending on your class, even your starting equipment will be different.

Q:Can you change the age of your character?
A:There are no age settings, but to some extent you can alter their appearance to look more experienced.

Q:So, your starting equipment changes based on the class you choose?
A:Starting equipment does change based on your class? However, the equipment you wear from then on is completely the choice of the player.

Q:How is the magic system?
A:Magic is classified by levels and by the school the spell is from. For example, spells that serve the same function (e.g. heal HP) might have a different level of potency, an area of effect, longer casting time or higher MP cost depending on the school of magic the spell is from.

**Translator's note: The answer used very general terminology, but it appears to reference how a healing spell can be classified as Cure I, Cure II, Cure III under White Magic, or at the same time, Pollen under Blue Magic. So there are different levels and different schools that refer to the same function.

Q:Will there be any familiar spells that didn't make their way into FFXI?
A:While there will be familiar spells from the Final Fantasy series, a lot of the magic that didn't make it into FFXI simply can't be used in an MMO. If it's too difficult to work in an MMO environment, we can't say it'll appear.

Q:Can classes other than Disciples of Magic use magic? Also, can Disciples of Magic use swords or other weapons?
A:Classes are somewhat pre-defined, but that isn't to say there won't be the possibility as you continue to level and grow your character.

Q:Does magic use up TP?
A:At this time there are still many things yet to be fully examined.

Q:Are there times when you have to light your way through a dungeon?
A:There are places that will be very dark, but at this time we are considering the need for any torches or illumination magic.

Q:Will there be seamless movement between dungeons and fields?
A:Yes. Adventurers can travel seamlessly from bright, sun-bathed fields to the deepest and darkest of dungeons.

Q:Will monsters behave similarly to FFXI, with Active and Passive types, different ways to sense players, linking, and all that?
A:Of course, there will be many monsters romping around in field zones. The behavior elements from FFXI will be used again, but there will also be other unique elements the can determine a monster's behavior, like herd mentality or environmental factors.

Q:Will Banzoku simply attack any and all humanoid characters without prejudice?
A:They are human as well, so naturally there are some who wish for peace, or some who are traitors to their kind. There are some who may even be willing to do business with players.

Q:Are there monsters that will fight each other?
A:In the beginning, we came up with something like a food chain system, and it may end up in the game in some form or another.

Q:When you think Final Fantasy, you think summons, so...
A:They'll make an appearance. However, they take on a role closer to that of being gods. There will be more than a few hurdles to get over before you can secure their aid.

Q:Do the Banzoku have classes as well?
A:Just like humans, they have a unique culture and society, and they will have classes they excel at.

Q:Will we see popular monsters such as the Mandragora?
A:You can look forward to seeing more than a few of your favorites from FFXI in the game.

More information is good! Information withdrawal levels have dropped a bit...hehe Onigiri Cute
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Dengeki Games Interview
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