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Please read our 'Info' page to learn more about our Linkshell and how to join us!
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Info Index
Mission Statement

Eldritch Eponym aims to be a Casual & Social Linkshell with friendly, mature members and are a Final Fantasy XI & Final Fantasy XIV community whom accept gamers of all races and ethnicity from around the world.   We are an LS that plans to do many things together and as often as possible.  None of this always playing with PUGs, ignoring and being rude to members and never doing anything together; which appears to be quite the plague upon most guilds in other MMOs and we wish to break that mold!

Its always about the journey and the adventures we have together...

I believe I speak for almost everyone that joins our Linkshell when I say, "We've all been in an umpteen number of guilds in-tens-if-not-hundreds of MMOs, and it always turns out the same.  You end up as just another #number in a guild rife with misconceptions and false pretenses.  For what though we ask cause the leadership and other members don't care about you, did they even notice a new member joined?  And should you attempt to ask for help or even a simple question all you get is silence, or...wait for it...snide remarks consisting of 'noob', 'learn to play' and 'just go join a PUG' so we ask again, what is the purpose of such a guild that operates like that!?"

Anyway, lets forget all about how disguised those other guilds are with their explosive frivolity and talk more about us.  We value a gregarious community, reaching out for companionship and presenting each other with greetings and fond farewells until next we meet.  During our journeys together we are eager to find that 'massively' bondability which has been escaping MMOs in favor of the solitary adventurer.  And we are new player amicable, seeking to recognize you as a member; should you show us the willingness of self-discovery and the capacity to learn and abide by our guidelines and rules. 

However, should we find you to be one of those anti-social soloists with an
explosive frivolity attitude, you'll find yourself most unwelcomed here... 

About Eldritch Eponym

If you'd like to know more on how our Linkshell name was created and the rich imaginative lore behind it:

The etymology and meanings of Eldritch & Eponym!

Our Linkshell Forums were designed using a base skin from the hosts @Forumotion.com and from there with my years of expertise in Photoshop, I designed almost everything graphical; such as the main background, bars, buttons & every custom link.  Then when seeking certain types of code for various additional features I'd ask our members for suggestions or help with specific coding too add even more customizations.  The entire process has been over a year in the making, but it has paid off and I really hope to have created quite the social~community linkshell for we Final Fantasy XI & Final Fantasy XIV fanatics to join and enjoy together...


Eldritch Eponym is based in the Central United States, and as we said ^above our play-style is that of Casual/Social and our primary and expected to communicate with language is English.  Our members have an extreme dislike for rushing to the cap for End-Game activities which from what Square-Enix has mentioned there won't be any in FFXIV at launch and judging by when it was added to FFXI, there won't be any for at least 1-2 years.  Should end-game be added someday and we're at the cap by then~then sure we'll participate in it, but for now it is extremely low priority and our focus is on enjoying the journey and our everyday adventures ~ together.

Most of us from what I've gathered over the months have an almost sickeningly lust for crafting and aim to make it a very high priority at participating in.  It has been announced that every craft can be maxed out on a single character, so unlike FFXI where there are caps and only 2; is it, were possible to max, we'll be able to do it all on a single character. 

A mass majority of our members are greatly in favor of the Player vs. Environment play-style over that of Player vs. Player.  We enjoy a strong story and a deep invigorating lore; teasing us with grand adventures out into the expansive unknown.   FFXIV is already being touted by Square-Enix as another truly-PvE MMORPG, just like FFXI currently is, meaning that 100% of the game is that of peaceful and friendly gameplay with your fellow gamers.  There is the possibility of a sporty-like PvP event being added similar to Ballista or Brenner, but its only been hinted at and could be years before its released.

We do support and use Ventrilo currently and will have a server running indefinitely until then and for however many years we end up playing FFXIV.  And judging by what we've seen thus far, Hydaelyn may become our virtual home for many many years to come!

Even though we strive for a peaceful and slightly tame look from the outside; on the inside could be an entirely different matter sometimes.  Now we don't get all bitchy and unruly with each other, far from it but we are known to be quite satirically inclined of the adulterous nature and therefor we require all members to be of 18 years of age or older.

Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding anything from this massively~expansive information page, then please contact:

Linkshell Leader:
  • Khalus Akuhei

Linkshell Officers:

  • Cecilia White
  • Celas Seyrana
  • Corday Rynir
  • Nimarhie Stardancer
  • Soten  Enki

Linkshell Guidelines

Our Linkshell guidelines are here to let everyone, regardless of what part of the world you reside in know more about us and how we think and operate from day-to-day.  Everything listed here must be observed on our forums, during in-game conversations and on our Ventrilo server at all times.

  • No ethnic, racial, or other derogatory speech of any kind are permitted. This includes but not limited too: any derogatory comments about race, color, sex, religion, national affiliation, sexual orientation, sexual harassment, etc.
  • No illegal discussions. This not only includes real life illegal stuff (ie: discussion about how to score drugs, kitty porn, etc) but also includes breaking the EULA for the explicit purpose of cheating (speed hacks, item duplication, bot programs for farming/exping, etc).
  • Safe for Work (SFW) environment. All posted material, comments, clips, links, etc should be something that isn't going to make someone possibly risk their job simply by viewing your post. However, you can still post this material, but make sure you use the spoiler option; found in the "Others" tab and place a warning before it:

  • No trolling, spam, flame-baiting, personal attacks, or otherwise inflammatory posts. This should also be pretty self explanatory if you've been online for more than a week.
  • Please do not beg for help, gil, or demand anything of us, whether its forum, real-life or game related!  We are all here to adventure and work together as friends.  And do keep in mind that every one of us have our own personal and private lives that will always come first, and if we have to suddenly drop party, log out or cancel helping a member for any reason; we all must accept this.
  • There is a strict minimum limit on the age of 18 for all members of this Linkshell. Basically if you are not 18 or older please don't apply, or try to lie about it. We will eventually find out, and you will be removed immediately. We are aimed at a more mature community and there may be adulterous  things said in posts, in-game chat or on Ventrilo that we wish to avoid having the wrath of ones parents overheard or directed at us.
  • We are abhor to the act of hand-holding for instant gratification. Especially if a member does not put forth the effort of self-discovery or show us they have the willingness to learn. Now don't take this the wrong way, we love to help everyone as much as possible, but if you expect us to tell you every little detail and drag you around doing most the work, then you'll discover quickly you're not welcome here. Not only are there quite a few FFXI Guides posted on our forums that detail how to setup and get started, but there is also a New Player Video Guide made by Square-Enix. {Dozens of videos that cover everything...}
Our FFXI Linkshell is based on the Fenrir world, so if you'd like to join and play along side us, you have two options:
  • Start an entirely new character on our world.
  • Use the World Transfer Service provided by Square-Enix to have your already established character transferred over. {costs $25}

Our FFXIV Linkshell & Company will be based on the "Kashuan" world.
  • All members of Eldritch Eponym are required to uphold an honest, respectful, friendly and patient outlook for our LS. Do not spam the in-game chat channels with requests for help more than 1-2 times every few minutes or say anything in open chat that will paint our LS with a negative coat.
  • We are to treat other players with the utmost respect even if we didn't get it in return or they started being negative first, just move along and ignore them or report them to a GM!
  • Do not pester other players for help and most of all be friendly to the Japanese players, and "DO-NOT" use the word jap....ever! {its very derogatory like using the word nigger!} If you need to address or talk about them, use the term JP for short and quick reference. This also goes for every race out there and whatever terms that are deemed inappropriate and derogatory towards them.  We of course don't know what all these may be so if someone takes offense to something you said, politely ask them to explain it; so you know and don't do it again.
  • All members will receive two warnings if caught doing anything of the above {FFXI & FFXIV Rules and our Linkshell Guidelines}, or if someone outside our LS reports it too us; after which if you do it again you will be immediately dismissed from our LS! {This also includes begging for gil, consistently asking for help after we've directed you to the guides and links or throwing a tantrum that you don't get help right away!}
  • We're extremely anti-hardcore about the purchase or sale of gil or any type of RMT activity. Any members caught having purchased gil, using bots or participating in RMT activities; will result in your immediate dismissal and you'll be reported to Square-Enix. If you want something, you had best earn it the legit way. There are many ways to tell who has been cheating and buying gil so don't think you can get away with it! There are no exceptions to this rule!
  • Cursing that is deemed appropriate and used sparingly in the right places to influence your point or reactions are more than ok, just don't abuse this and go wild using one in every line! If someone asked you to tone it down, then please do and respect their request...

General Lot Rules

Loot as in Weapons, Armor, Scrolls, Potions, Gil & certain Quest Items will not be handled on any type of point system like DKP or whatever else similar that exists. Not only myself but several long standing members have voiced their disgust on using such systems and I fully agree with them.

Normal loot from your average mob that drops during Linkshell XP Parties, exploring with the lets have fun adventuring together on our minds will follow the basic MMORPG looting rules which everyone that calls themselves a gamer should know:
  • Need before Greed ~ If you need it, meaning its an upgrade to what you're currently using or an item for the Synthesis/Crafting that you do; then roll Need, if not then just roll Greed.
  • Lot or Lotting ~ Which only FFXI uses, {Unconfirmed with FFXIV for now} which is similar to above; Lot on the item if you can use it, otherwise don't and let the game randomly drop it to a member of the party.
  • Ninja/Theft Tactics ~ Lotting or Rolling need on items that you cannot use for the solo purpose of selling them when you don't need it or another present member of the LS or PT really does need it.  You must hand it over to them immediately or offer it up for a PT re-roll, otherwise you'll be removed from the current party immediately and placed on probation with a warning. If you do it again while in a party with our LS or we hear of it from outside sources you will be kicked from the LS. These kinds of actions will not be tolerated, and just proves that you are not a team player and you have no place within our ranks.

FFXI Lot Rules

Event loot that falls into the categories of party based Raids, Dungeons, MMM, NMs, HNMs, BCNMs and the such; will be using a system based solely on request using our Calendar {only members can view and create posts} Basically its going to play out similar to this:
  • Loot requests must be from an active and participatory member of our Linkshell for at least 1 month. {We will not stand for a new member joining us, begging for help and getting what they want, then leaving.}
  • Once a request is submitted and the member has scheduled the best time they'd like to do it, then other members may respond and offer their assistance. Once a full, balanced party can be formed then we'll go on the date & time scheduled. {Or as close to it as possible..RL happens and could force some events to be rescheduled or pushed back an hr or more.}

Now comes the loot part, we're helping member A; the requester get an item he/she'd like by defeating an NM, BCNM, MMM, Assault, Mission or even a quest they had struggled with:
  • Should the item drop, member A has 100% loot priority for it.
  • If it doesn't and something else should drop that is of a different job that say member B happens to be playing as and needs, then they will have loot priority for it.
  • If member B declines then any other present member that has been leveling up that job may take it.
  • If no members present have this job then the item shall be left in the treasure pool to be randomly dropped.
The requested adventure is now complete, and if he/she did not get the item that we set out for, that member can make another request for another day and repeat the process as outlined above. 

If there are certain items, orbs, badges etc that are required to gain entry into select events then:
  • Member A must be the one to spend their items to activate it. 
  • Member A's event didn't drop what they wanted, but it did drop something that member B wants.  Then we use Member B's items and the item Member A wanted drops.  Obviously common sense would be for those 2 members to trade said items with each other, but that is up to them.
  • The member that submits the items for this type of event will be entitled to every item that drops from the event, {minus auto-gil sharing}
  • If members should decide to sell items among each other, please be reasonable and don't try to gouge your fellow LS members.  We're all here to play together as friends and progress together, not hinder ones advance.

FFXIV Lot Rules

Coming Eventually...

How To Join Us...

Visitor Introduction Instructions

Are you interested in playing Final Fantasy XIV with us this fall and would like to join our Linkshell!?


If so, then click the Register button on the navigation bar and create a Visitor's Account.   After inputting your name and password, you'll now be asked to fill in several additional boxes that include what Time-Zone you reside in and your RL Sex {M or F...duh} and your Age.  From there; after you verify the email address you signed up with, you'll have privileges to create new posts and reply to others in our public forums. Now create a new post in this forum and within it; take the time to most importantly say "Hi" and introduce yourself to other visitors and our current members of Eldritch Eponym.

You don't have to say much afterward, but it'd be greatly appreciated if you gave us a brief{or long if you prefer} history of your gaming life, especially your background experience in MMORPGs, love for the Final Fantasy Franchise or whatever else you find most interesting to share with us. Personal details about your real life are not necessary, and don't ever have to be revealed or mentioned, but if you'd like too that's entirely your choice.

Now if you are *not interested* in joining us for FFXI or FFXIV, you are still welcome to follow the steps outlined in the first paragraph above to create a Visitor's Account and remain as such; with privileges to create new posts and reply to others in all the other topics and interests in our public forums.


Once you have submitted an introduction thread, you may get other welcome responses from members and officers of our LS.  However, you must wait for myself; Khalus Akuhei ~ LS Leader to greet and accept your application.  Only I have admin rights and the powers to upgrade your account to membership status. I'll of course respond with a welcome message of my own, and get you upgraded to a member as soon as possible.

Please do; take the time to read through our Information Page, which covers everything about us.  If your introduction goes well, you will be granted access to our expansive Member Forums; allowing you to not only see and read them, but of course respond to others and create new posts.  We also ask and would greatly appreciate everyone to take the time to read through our member forums.  There are already tons of other important information posted you should know about including frequent updates, as-well-as many of our current member's discussions going on at all hours.  So join us, be social and don't be shy, lets get to know each other better. 

Should a new member choose not to say anything on our forums, join us in Linkshell chat in-game, or not log into and be social on Ventrilo then after a period of two weeks your membership will be revoked and you'll be returned to Visitor status.  Should you ever decide to want-to rejoin us and become social this time, you need but ask in your original introduction thread and we'll go from there!


Upon obtaining membership to our Linkshell, you are not required to join us within FFXI or whatever other MMOs and games we may be playing; that are an attempt to keep us entertained until FFXIV launches. You are however more than welcome too as we take this early opportunity to get to know each other within an MMO community. Especially how we play individually, as a party, in duo & trio adventures, how we talk with and treat our members and of course other players not a part of our LS. All of these points are very important for us to-get-to-know so we can work on becoming better acquaintances and friends, and begin building our own little community.

Naming Policy

You must sign up to our forums with the name you plan to use as your main in-game character.  Your name must also be entirely unique that falls into the categories of Fantasy {FFXI} or High-Fantasy {FFXIV}.  Should you choose to ignore this advice and not create an account with a unique fantasy name, then your application will be rejected until you choose an acceptable name.  {You will be notified of this decision in your introduction post!}  Should you not like our decision, then we wish you well on finding another Linkshell in which to call home.

The idea behind such a semi-demanding policy is because we want everyone to be recognized by who their Avatar is in-game, on our forums and in Ventrilo.  Instead of having a random name for all three like many guilds we've all had to deal with, leaving most always asking, "who are you?"  With our names being unique and matching across the board we can now focus on getting to know each other ever better and not have to spend time wondering who we're really talking with.

Now then, with the recent confirmation of Sur names not only being possible but a mandatory requirement when creating a character in FFXIV, if you'd like to sign up to our forums right away with a sur name, then please go ahead. However, both first and sur names can be no shorter than three and no longer than ten characters in length, and do put a space between them!  {Ex.  Khalus Akuhei}  Come launch of FFXIV though, all members must choose a sur name for our forums to reflect that of your character in Hydaelyn; which you can deliberate on in our Sur Name thread.

Visitor names that are not capitalized or have #'s within them, will automatically be changed without any warning or notification! Also any registered name that is deemed offensive or inappropriate will have their entire account deleted immediately!

  • You may not use names that violate the general rules and guidelines of FFXI or FFXIV. This includes the use of names that are hateful, defamatory, racist, ethnically offensive, obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit or any other language that is offensive in nature.
  • You may not use names that are harassing or defamatory to other players, members of our linkshell, or employees of Square-Enix.
  • You may not use the names of the main cast of characters from any Final Fantasy title.
  • You may not use names of copyrighted or trademarked characters, materials or products.
  • You may not use names from popular culture or media.
  • You may not use names that are religiously significant.
  • You may not use names with titles or ranks within them.
  • You may not use names that refer to drugs & alcohol or that are drug & alcohol related.  {Even made-up drug names from other games}
  • You may not use names that contain a phrase, sentence or any fragment of a sentence.
  • You may not use names where a combination of the first and last names violate any of the above rules.
  • You may not use misspellings or alternate spellings of names that violate any of the above rules.
  • You may not use names that are weather related like Cloud or Lightning.
  • You may not use the name Legolas, Sephiroth or any other stupid misspellings of these and other popular names that too many gamers tend to use often.
  • You may not use names that include numbers {#'s} within them, at the front or the end. P2P MMOs don't allow them anyway.
  • You may use names based on the lore of FFXI for the Galka only. {Subject to Approval...}  However, the Roegadyn in FFXIV do not share the same naming policy and thus are subject to the ^above^ normal; yet unique, naming rules! 

If you are an already; well established character within FFXI or FFXIV; then special consideration may be taken into account upon request for membership, should your name be against our policy.  Your name will be taken under advisement with our officers and voted on if we should allow it.  If we choose to not allow your character into our LS, and you still want to join us, then you'll have to use the Name Change feature and pay to have your name changed to something more appropriate. {FFXIV Only}


Should you be having trouble creating a unique fantasy name for your character, first or sur, then check out this name generator:

Or try here at the Seventh Sanctum where there are a plethora of different name generators.  Linked below are some of the best ones which I found create some really good choices:

Avatars & Signatures

Our forums allow any Visitor and Member to post an Avatar or Signature from their profile; too be displayed in each of their posts, but we have a few rules concerning their sizes and content.  Originally I wasn't going to be this strict, but I've had to delete several Avatars & Signatures that were quite absurd from time to time and even had several previous members complain and fight with me about their content, nor did they flow well with our forum theme.

These are the acceptable sizes one can use:

  • Avatars ~ Maximum size of 180*230 & 65kb.
  • Signatures ~ Maximum size of 700*200 for large rectangles & 700*277 for a custom shape, both can be a max size of 500kb.

Our forums are based on that of two hugely popular Japanese MMOs, and thus our theme reflects that, so please only use Avatars & Signatures that fall into these categories:
  • Final Fantasy ~ From any of the individual Final Fantasy games.
  • Japanese ~ Symbols, writing or select font, a zen garden, banzai tree or various landscapes, ancient style buildings, samurai, kawaii-esque, etc
  • Anime & Manga ~ Anime or Manga in good taste. {cartoons not allowed}
  • Asian Pop-Stars ~ Includes any of the Asian countries, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, etc.

Please do-not use a gif that is flashy or really bright and distracting or of rapidly moving image{s}  If it is of a very small movement that may be ok, but contact me about it before you use it. 

Because of previous instances, if an avatar or signature is not acceptable to me, an officer, another member, or our forums; I have resorted to just deleting them without contact nor any warning, so please "Do-Not" keep re-posting it!

Should you keep re-posting an image I have removed, I will just ban you from being able to post an avatar or signature. 
And don't complain about your Avatar or Signature being removed, just find another one that follows our rules, and then contact the LS Leader via PM if what you want to post be acceptable.  Or an Officer should I not be available...

Ventrilo Server Info

We currently have a 15-slot Ventrilo Server running, which we use everyday and is available for all our members to use at anytime if it has to do with our Linkshell, or being social with each other.  Please do not try and use our server for something else or invite other people that are not of our LS.  They will be banned and removed promptly.

We are always accepting donations to help fund it.  So whether you are a member or not and wish to donate some money then please do so by clicking on our Ventrilo Donation button in the lower-right corner of our forum widgets.

All members can find our Ventrilo Server Information here which is of course only available for our members to visit & use.  We also have a Server Status Widget in the lower-right corner of our forums for our members to see whom are online and in what channels before logging in.

And per our Naming Policy, please log into Ventrilo using your FFXIV Forum and Character name.  You only need to use your given name, but if you wish to enter your sur name as well, that is up to you.   Thank You